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Unpacking Design Problems

Jordan Moore, Director of Design, Dawson Andrews, Nov '18 | 5 Min Read

The best puzzles are the ones that demand more of you. When the answer appears obvious, but you second guess yourself. When you know there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Nob Yoshigahara’s infamous number tree puzzle is certainly one of my personal favourites for just these reasons. It gives you a set of information and asks, What do you make of this?

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Making Product Decisions— 5 questions billion dollar product teams ask

Jordan Moore, Director of Design, Dawson Andrews, Oct '18 | 4 Min Read

Having worked with product teams of all shapes and sizes we’ve become familiar with a huge variance of working approaches. Making product decisions is a balance of logic and gut - our approach across-board is to take as much gut out as possible and rely on the data in every area we can. Here are 5 key questions we use when debating roadmaps. How many people are using feature x?

Before we scratch the surface of roadmapping brand new features it is critical to assess the current usage landscape. Not only does it highlight customer behaviour that can point you in the direction of new features that might be useful, it will also show you quick wins within your current feature framework which can often explore new value at a much lower risk.

A feature dependency chart is where we normally start.

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Agencies of the future will be value drivers, not service providers

by Andrew Fulton, Managing Director, Dawson Andrews, Oct '18 | 7 min read

Agencies are stuck in the mud. Consultancies take all of a companies cash… and none of the risk.

I hear this rhetoric from executives all the time. Thus far this ‘consensus’ has underserved the client market by ignoring their commercial realities.

There is a problem in the deep roots of the agency industry and it sits in the transaction right at the beginning of any client-agency relationship. The standard agreement goes something like this; Agency walks away with every penny they asked for regardless of the value they provided, the client is left holding the output with their fingers crossed it works. While ‘outputs’ are always provided, whether they drive value or not is rarely in the minutiae of contractual agreements.

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