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Where it all began

We don’t agree on most things, the year the company was founded is one of those. We’ve definitely been around long enough to know not to get caught up in those details.



Our head quarters are located at the heart of Belfast, where most of our team are based. We have our slightly smaller, second office in central London.



On paper, it doesn’t make sense to spend four whole days away from client work, on company time and not doing any work. But sometimes counterintuitive things just make sense in their own kinda way.

3 + 1

Coffee machines and a kettle

We like our hot beverages and the little chats that happen around the kitchen area. The coffee helps us meet the deadlines and it keeps JJ happy, and that’s what we want.

Office Buidling
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DA Office
Snacks in the Office
Pizza for Lunch
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We're consistently searching for exceptional talent in various fields. Should you be interested in applying for any of our available positions, please reach out to us.