Mobile World Congress

Reinventing a global conference, post COVID-19


Mobile World Congress has become the largest digital gathering in Europe attracting 110,000 attendees, 10,000 exhibitors, 1000 speakers and 300 sessions. We have been working with MWC to reinvent their digital experience, advance global marketing efficiencies across departments and, and optimise attendee engagement at the event itself.

The gains we achieved in conversion rates and revenue numbers only added more pressure when COVID-19 hit Spain two weeks prior to the event. Within two weeks we managed to spin out a digital version of the event to facilitate sponsorship contracts and negate a slice of the substantial revenue loss the epidemic cost GSMA.


  • User interface design and development
  • Back-end system integration
  • Responsive web development & QA
  • Technical planning
  • Ongoing feature development and optimization
  • Analytics and optimization

“I have never known a more intelligent and adaptive digital partner. Even in a global pandemic they were able to focus our efforts and turn out a solution above and beyond expectations.” Trevor Skinner
Digital Director, GSMA

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