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Monday 01 January 1900

Designing for Value

An introduction to Test Driven Design

This paper is intended as a reference point for business managers and designers as they consider how best to measure and communicate the value of their design decisions.

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What’s Inside

Over the last ten years, businesses have evolved a greater dependency on the value design can deliver to the bottom line. Test-driven design is a phrase our design team use to describe the creation, measurement and demonstration of value across every design initiative our product teams pursue.

What follows is a framework that can be used to measure the potential or actual benefits of design decisions using key tools, metrics and considerations that help demonstrate the tangible financial advantages of making design a business priority.

1. An introduction to test-driven design

2. Cultivating a TDD mindset

3. Building an accountability layer

4. The value of focus

5. Narrowing margin of error

6. The value of design awards

7. Using user-innovation to uncover value

8. Fighting feature conjecture

9. Fast tips for test-driven designers

Download here

“We need to build an accountability layer into our design practice.”


Jordan Moore
Design Director

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